Property Management

Vacation Homes Management

At Caribbean Vacation Rentals, we offer you a viable alternative for the rental of your vacation home. Putting your property for rent is a profitable endeavor that will surely offset your monthly costs while putting it to good use.

If you are a vacation rental owner interested in our services, feel free to contact us.

Advantages of having a Property Management Company

With vast industry experience, Caribbean Vacation Rentals manages every aspect of renting your home for a performance-commission platform. Through the years, we've gained a reputation for always delivering results made possible by a strong work ethic and a dedication to succeed. We put in the extra effort to insure that all parties involved reap the benefits of a mutually convenient agreement.

Our duties include interviewing potential candidates to make sure they’re suitable guests, and inspection of the property before and after each stay. Furthermore, we’ll personally welcome guests into your home, if requested, and we’ll conduct all the necessary repairs and maintenance, always providing you with receipts.

As a client, you’ll enjoy the privilege of a 24-hour service that includes plumbing, locksmith and electrical support. Other benefits include Remote Keyless Entry System, initial cleaning, incidental event insurance policy, and live streaming security cameras.

Caribbean Vacation Rentals is committed to advertising your vacation home, both locally and internationally. First off, we’ll coordinate a photo shoot that will include an HD video, giving potential renters a high quality glimpse into what their vacation home could be.

We are experts in targeting travelers and finding ideal guests and we believe that a well-managed marketing strategy will drive potential renters to your vacation home. Through the use of listing and specialty websites, along with a social media plan and an SEO campaign, we’ll guarantee maximum exposure for your vacation home. In addition, our user-friendly transactional platform website will seal the deal with potential guests who prefer no hassles.

At Caribbean Vacation Rentals, we strongly believe that every vacation home has a unique personality that will attract the ideal guest. That’s why we’ve created the most reliable and secure way of renting vacation homes. Our mission is to make it easier and safer than ever before, for owners like you, to advertise and profit from your vacation home. We want travelers to enjoy the ease and freedom that comes from renting a vacation home as opposed to staying in a hotel.

It’s time to get your wonderful property out there for renters to find. And with our marketing strategy and detailed approach, which have repeatedly proven successful, we’ll do just that. So complete the vacation home management services form or give us a call today. We’re looking forward to working with you.


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